Job Squad, Inc. establishes endowed scholarship for individuals with disabilities

YCF Announces Job Squad, Inc. Donation

The Brenda B. Hellwig Vocational Development Scholarship

BRIDGEPORT – Job Squad, Inc. has established an endowed scholarship for individuals with disabilities in honor of their former Executive Director to be known as The Brenda B. Hellwig Vocational Development Scholarship.

Formed in 1994, Job Squad, Inc. is a private, nonprofit organization and community rehabilitation program. The mission of Job Squad, Inc. is to provide employment services and vocational skill development for individuals who experience barriers to employment related to their disabilities. Federal and state government contracts provide Job Squad, Inc. the ability to hire people with disabilities for jobs in custodial and grounds maintenance, as well as presort mail.

The state of West Virginia has the nation’s highest incidence rate of disability per capita, while also maintaining the nation’s lowest disability employment rate. Job Squad, Inc. Chief Executive Officer, Jim Womeldorff noted, “It is critical that we do whatever we can to support people with disabilities in our state to choose, get and keep meaningful employment.”

In October of 2015, Brenda B. Hellwig retired after twenty-one years with Job Squad, Inc. serving as its founding Executive Director. A graduate of Radford University, Ms. Hellwig dedicated her professional career to working with and advocating for those who have a disability and reside in the state of West Virginia.

“Ensuring individuals with disabilities receive the education and training they need to succeed is vitally important. I am so proud that the Hellwig Scholarship will be able to provide financial support to assist in this endeavor,” said Ms. Hellwig.

The Brenda B. Hellwig Vocational Development Scholarship provides financial assistance to individuals in need, who have a disability and are seeking post-secondary education. Recipients are awarded $1,500 or more annually. The scholarship is open to residents of West Virginia and applications will be accepted starting January 2018 for the 2018-2019 academic year.

“YCF thanks Jim Womeldorff for this important educational investment,” said Patty Showers Ryan, YCF president.  “A permanent scholarship in Ms. Hellwig’s name is a tribute to her outstanding service to individuals with disabilities in West Virginia.”

YCF’s announcement of The Brenda B. Hellwig Vocational Development Scholarship is being made in October to recognize National Disability Employment Awareness Month.

For more information, please contact YCF at: (304) 296-3433, email, or visit the website at

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