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YCF grant will benefit P.U.R.R.

YCF President Beth Fuller (left) presents a check to Lorna Vincent, founder and executive director of P.U.R.R.


Your Community Foundation (YCF) has presented a $1,000 grant to People United for Rescue and Rehabilitation
(P.U.R.R.) in Taylor County to support that organization's work saving and rehabilitating unwanted kittens and cats.

The grant was made from YCF's Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Fund, started with a donation from Linda Hamstead of Florida.

P.U.R.R West Virginia is a no-kill, all volunteer, cat-only shelter that rescues cats and kittens and rehabilitates them in preparation for adoption. "We also enhance awareness of rescue and rehabilitation issues and needs through education and by example of this grass roots effort," said Lorna Vincent-Venter, founder and executive director. "We believe that by stressing the importance of being responsible pet owners and advocates, we can change the reality of felines everywhere."

P.U.R.R. believes that euthanasia as a means of population control is a thing of the past. "We are developing a new course of action for rescue and rehabilitation and seeking a new approach to the population issues that plague our shelters
and rescues," Vincent-Venter said. "We are making the world a more humane place, one kitty at a time."

The organization's "rescue" activities involve taking in unwanted felines and helping them to heal socially, emotionally and physically before placing them with an adoptive "forever family," she said. "It can take a lot of time
and resources, but is well worth the effort."

The "rehabilitation" aspect can sometimes take a while. "Abandoned kittens and cats are frightened, sometimes injured and usually sick, and they are almost always distrustful," Vincent-Venter said. "Abandoned cats and kittens have special needs, and P.U.R.R. West Virginia is meeting those needs. We believe that rehabilitation is the key to successful rescue."

P.U.R.R. also provides resources and educational materials for adopters, supports adoptive families throughout a cat's lifetime and encourages families to call with questions and updates on their cats.

"Creating a safe, home-like environment is necessary to help the animals re-learn trust and cohabitation," she said. "Research by large shelters throughout the United States has taught us that free-range housing with home-type furnishings and human contact can make the difference between a well-adjusted adoptable cat and one that continues to exhibit traumatized behavior. We are focused on giving the cats that personal attention."

Tax-deductible contributions in any amount can be made to the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Fund at P.O. Box 409, Morgantown, WV 26507. Donations can also be made directly to P.U.R.R. Information  is available at www.purrwv.org or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/purrwv.

YCF is a charitable, non-profit organization that encourages, develops and manages endowment funds and uses the net proceeds to support a long list of community programs and scholarships. The foundation manages assets and pledged assets of approximately $7 million and administers more than 140 separate funds.

Information about YCF and a description of its endowment funds is available at www.ycfwv.org or by calling (304) 296-3433.





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